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Free Consultation

Personalized consultation to understand your history, discuss your goals and recommend services.

15 minutes

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Initial Assessment

Thorough body assessment to analyze pain, provide education on causes, and build a holistic plan.

45 minutes

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Ongoing Sessions

Execution of plan, assessment of progress, and ongoing education for a sustainable change.

30 - 60 minutes

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Move from Pain to Recovery


Our physiotherapists support restoring and maintaining your strength through exercises. We create a personalized plan with a mixture of proven techniques including manual therapy, spinal decompression, and dry needling/IMS.

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Photo of massage therapy

Massage Therapy

Move from Stiffness to Stress Relief


Our therapists will support an improvement in blood circulation, lower stress levels, and increase flexibility through a mixture of deep tissue massage, fascial stretching therapy and therapeutic massage.

Chiropractic Therapy

Move from Discomfort to Alignment


Our Chiropractors support resetting your natural alignment with a focus on your spine and joints to activate the healing properties of your body to relieve pain and even headaches. You will have a personalized plan including soft-tissue therapy, exercise-based mobility, and joint mobilization/manipulation.

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Photo of active rehab

Active rehab

Move from Injury to Healing


Our kinesiologist will work with you directly to move you to rehabilitation through an exercise-based program. We will create a personalized plan based on the source of your injury to support future mobility, strength, and posture.